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Cutting-Edge Dental Technologies Serving Your Mouth

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If you believe in the importance of offering yourself care following the most recent technological advances, then you will not be disappointed with the Centre de Santé Dentaire de Montréal. Indeed, we use cutting-edge tools and equipment giving us remarkable precision.


CEREC is a computer-aided design technology for ceramic restorations. Allowing the crown of a natural tooth to be partially or entirely replaced, ceramic, through its properties, is closest to the enamel of a natural tooth, while retaining its aesthetic appearance.


Among the many advantages of using CEREC technology, we find the fabrication of a restoration in a single visit, without the inconvenience of taking impressions with materials and the avoidance of temporary restorations.

Dentist counseling a patient about CEREC dental technology
Dentist checking patient's teeth with intraoral camera

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera provides direct visual support for the multiple possible observations in the mouth. Its precision represents a concrete complement to the various diagnostic tools. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Caméra intrabuccale

Digital Radiology

No more need to go to the x-ray room: each of our hygiene rooms is equipped with an x-ray cone allowing everything to be done on site.


The advantages of digital radiology:

  • low rate of radiation exposure;

  • diagnostic accuracy;

  • speed and efficiency of radiography;

  • compact and discreet installation.

dentist in gloves show the teeth on x-ray on digital screen in dental clinic on light back
Radiologie numérique
Gum correction surgery with laser. Medically accurate tooth 3D illustration

Diode Laser

This laser is used to perform multiple minor procedures at the gum level (periodontal treatments). This technique allows a conservative and non-invasive intervention as well as a predictable and controlled result.

Laser diode

The Confidence of Being in Good Hands

Our clinic in the Anjou district uses the latest technologies to offer you the best possible dental care.

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