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Dentists and Denturists at Your Service in Montreal

Our specific treatments offered:

At the Centre de Santé Dentaire de Montréal, we welcome various oral health professionals renowned in Montreal, including denturist François Gadbois and dental surgeons Dr. David Phan and Dr. Louise Brochu. Thus, we are able to provide you with a wide range of dental care, from the most general to the most specialized here on site in the Anjou district.


Need new full or partial dentures? At the Centre de Santé Dentaire de Montréal, denturist François Gadbois, a member of the Association des Denturologistes du Québec, has been rejuvenating your smile for over 10 years.

Pretty woman sitting at the stomatology armchair
Treating root canal


When the nerve of your tooth is infected, root canal treatment, also called endodontic treatment, is required in order to preserve your tooth and avoid extraction. At the Centre de Santé Dentaire de Montréal, you will have confidence with Dr. David Phan, a dental surgeon who has limited his practice to endodontics. As the procedure generally takes place in a single visit, its inconvenience is limited.


Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Lack of space in the mouth is often the root cause leading to the extraction of wisdom teeth. An infection, a cyst or orthodontic treatment can also be good causes for this intervention. A consultation and a panoramic x-ray with the dentist will allow the exact diagnosis to be established and, therefore, its necessity.

Growing Wisdom Teeth Pain On X-Ray
chirurgie de dents de sagesse
teeth implants with metal


The dental implant is, by far, the best known technique for replacing a tooth, since it acts as an artificial root in the jawbone. A fixed or removable prosthesis (crown/bridge) is added to restore comfort and an optimal aesthetic appearance. It is in collaboration with Dr. Louise Brochu, a dental surgeon who has limited her practice to implantology, that you will be guided through the different stages of your treatment.



We accept emergency cases, with or without an appointment.

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